Friday, May 29, 2009


Feel free to post stories, drawings, photos, anything appropriate.


  1. This is GREAT Lisa. And the slide show at the bottom is fantastic. Makes me want to go saddle my horse and work some dogs. 88 degrees here in GA so not such a good idea...

  2. Lisahahahahah! Thanks for putting the Den's pix up. What a dog! few people know what a classy big big running prairie BIRD DOG he was without seeing him thrill all of us at Mortlach year after year. I was told he put on the greatest derby performance ever seen in Canada, Of course we lost him at the end, but all know he was the ONE. Even Cap'n Freddie Epp said he was the best bird dog he had ever seen, after running him at camp, with numerous chicken and Hun finds in places all thought there were no birds. Few people knew, but all know his name, Maybe his daughter Mable has some his greatness to pass along.We have had the great pleasure of owning some great Champions, but none we love and miss more then DENVER!!!!! Kind of like Lisahahah!!!

  3. Roy's pictures make me sad, I miss him so much!

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  5. Lisa

    I haven't forgotten about this site. I look forward to using it as the season ramps. The Bass Pro Youth trial will be run October 3rd in Dancyville, TN at the West TN grounds. Please give me a call if you are interested in running or supporting the trial. My cell is 901-270-7222